I have often wondered if amm would be happy with the many life’s decisions I have made since she passed. Some I think she may give me a kick in the butt for, others I can see her warm smile at the news.

But this morning while I was driving Arrine to daycare and it was dark outside, Arrine asked where the sun was. And why couldn’t she see it anymore? So I started explaining to her how the Earth’s rotation around the sun and the Earth’s tilted axis causes the seasons and when the sun rises and sets throughout the year.

Yes, I realize she is only 2 years and 7 months old. But whenever I asked amm a question, she always gave me the “real” answer, no matter my age. And yes, Arrine probably didn’t grasp all the details and terminology I used, but the point is that I used the “real” details and terminology.

And in that moment I thought, “amm may not agree with all my decisions these past three and a half years, but she would completely agree with how I am a mother to Arrine. And how Nick and I choose to parent her.”

And isn’t that the most important decision of all?