I am using my “Old Lady Merle” voice now…you know the one I am talking about. The one that amm would use when teaching and she wanted to show that she meant business and was not impressed. Or when she was talking to her kids and maybe even their friends, when they started getting out of line. I can hear her now, “Ok now…don’t make me use my Old Lady Merle voice.”

But people!! I really do need your help, as per the previous post! I really do want and need to hear what your “i amm” is! Or if you are a dude, what your “i amm” is for your mom, or wife, or sister, or daughter…

If you want your “i amm” to remain private, then please email me directly at k . merle @ shaw . ca . Otherwise pull yourself together and send me your “i amm” you silly people!!

I know there are at least three of you who read my blog… 🙂

Hugs – Kirsten