I’ve posted before about Helen Reddy’s song “I Am Woman” and the connection it has with amm. And a few weeks ago while I was driving and daydreaming about My Project (and paying attention to the road as well), it came to me: I amm Woman. Instead of reading out a-m-m, as amm called herself by her initials, pronouncing “amm”, as “am”, from I Am Woman. Following? So then I thought to myself, “I amm Woman…what else “amm” I?” I came up with words that were nouns, adjectives of appearance, adjectives of personal traits, verbs…

i amm a mother.

i amm generous.

i amm confident.

i amm my own beauty.

i amm woman.

What “i amm” are you, Ladies? And men, what “i amm” are the Ladies in your life? I would really love and appreciate your feedback. I want to use your responses in My Project. And be as bold and honest as ever – don’t hold back. If you are stunning, then tell me that “i am stunning”. Own it. Say it. Don’t feel guilty about highlighting your best qualities.

What are you? i amm amm’s daughter.