I spell the word “odourant” a lot. In the past I have worked on a number of odourant projects, which to those of you who are now seriously questioning my career, it’s injecting a smell in to the natural gas so it’s detectable by scent if there ever was a leak. Yah? Great!

So some of the guys here at the office have given me the name “Odourant Princess” and I love my name. And I am currently working on a large odourant upgrade project.

And I love writing out the word O-D-O-U-R-A-N-T. Because that U symbolizes something that amm instilled in me – using British, or Canadian, English rules, instead of American.

My humourous neighbour’s favourite flavour of ice cream is chocolate, with a dark brown colour. This neighbour is also glamourous, living by the harbour, but I heard a rumour that their behaviour dishonoured our other neighbour.