Today was a good music day with Arrine. There were some really hard parts too, but I will leave that for another post.

On the drive to daycare, the song Somebody I Used To Know by Gotye came on and Arrine asked, “What’s this song?” So I told her the song name and then she said, “I like this song!” And then, “Mommy! Dance!” So we danced, in our seats, as I drove along. And if I wasn’t moving enough, she would reprimand me, “Mommy! Dance!” And I wondered if I ever bossed amm to dance. And I hoped that I had.

Then bad stuff happened and then I picked up Arrine from daycare. She gave me really tight hugs. And once we got home she wanted to play music on my iPod. She will just press random buttons until songs come on. And the first one that played was an artist that amm really enjoyed – Enya, Wild Child. This is only on my iPod because of amm… So we twirled and floated around the room.

What did Arrine choose next? Well, of course Holly Holly by Neil Diamond. At this point I realized that there were three of us dancing together. Holly Holly has always affected me. As the song slowly gains momentum, you can feel the energy building, and the music makes me move. It does every time. I was crying, as we danced around together, but I didn’t let her see my tears.

And we went on from there. Having a dance party. Then Arrine wanted to wear a purple shirt because I was wearing a purple top. And one of us may have taken off our panties. And Arrine would tell me how she wanted me to dance. And we danced.