I like to scare myself. Well, I used to. I liked to watch scary movies and tv shows when I was in high school and lived with amm at home. But when the show was over and I needed to leave the tv room in the basement and head upstairs to my bedroom, I was too frightened to walk up the stairs by myself. So I would call amm and she would come stand at the top of the stairs and watch me walk up, or run, to ensure that no one was behind me, ready to attack.

And then she would teasingly scold me for scaring myself and tell me that I shouldn’t watch things I know will make me frightened. She said it was my run-away imagination that did it.

I don’t watch scary movies or tv shows anymore. Because I don’t have amm to stand at the top of the stairs for me. But I saw this blog highlighted on the wordpress website and it triggered this memory. The Top 10 Movies You Should Not Watch Alone. I can’t comment on the validity or appropriateness of this link. I had to look at the page through my hand on the screen, because I was worried that there would be scary images included, or that I would read something that would set my imagination off.

Let me know which movies are listed…