I have a project. And it’s a gooder. But because it’s in the early stages and I’m still determining if it’s viable, I have decided only to reveal if it becomes a reality. But while driving home from dance tonight, thinking about my project, a memory was triggered.

I remember amm telling me once that I always need to be working on a project. After I graduated, first it was getting back to dance and being in a few shows, then buying a house, then house reno after house reno, then planning a wedding. And once the wedding was over, I remember amm telling me, “Now don’t go having a baby, just so you have another project to work on!”

So tonight when I realized that I haven’t had a project since Arrine was born and moved into the new house, I thought to myself (WARNING – COARSE LANGUAGE), “Well no wonder I have been so fucking miserable this last year and a half. I haven’t had a project to work on.” And then I started laughing out loud. All by myself. Like really laughing. And I know amm would have thought the same thing. Had she been here, she probably would have been able to recognize this ages ago, and get me in line. But now, it’s up to me to figure these things out on my own.

I Have A Project