amm once told me that before I had children, I should make sure that I have enough sets of matching shoes and handbags – because once I had children, priorities and finances change. So I ramped up my collection at the time.

Now that I have beautiful Arrine, I can truly understand what amm meant. Don’t get me wrong, I still appreciate and love to treat myself to a beautiful pair of heels or an eye-catching handbag. But now my priority is Arrine…then designer shoes and accessories.

A perfect example of this was regarding my Burberry sunglasses – well, one pair at least. 🙂 On my way to work this morning, I open my sunglasses case to find that my sunglasses were missing. I panicked. Then remembered the previous evening. Arrine and I were in the front yard. She took off her sunglasses and placed them on a solar light. Then of course she had to do the same to mine. My Burberry sunglasses. And I let her.

Luckily I found them this morning, just where Arrine left them last night.