A reoccurring theme in my life right now is getting back the things that I enjoy and love. Have you noticed? 🙂

So the other night, I was super excited to enjoy an evening at the theatre. Another year of season tickets have been purchased to Broadway Across Canada and the first show was Mary Poppins. My dear friend Amber came with me. We went shopping on Whyte Ave after work, then had supper at Yiannis and finally headed to the Jubilee.

Because of the show, there were many dressed up little girls, out for a special night. And it made me long for when I can take Arrine to the theatre, and create the memories that I have when amm took me to the ballet and musicals. We never had a lot of extra money while growing up, and tickets to the theatre can be quite expensive, and I am forever grateful for amm finding the funds to expose me to the arts and grow the love I have for performing and watching performances.

The show was enjoyable, I sang along at times. And became teary when they sang Let’s Go Fly a Kite. Good memories.

Thank-you to Amber for sharing this with me and making me giggle with her picture taking antics. She is a close and special friend.