Since I began this new grieving process, even though I knew I was doing it, I still did it – I avoided. A song would come on the radio with a certain connection – I turned the channel. A particular location or activity could take me back to a time and memory – I just wouldn’t go.

But the other day I noticed that twice in one day, songs came on the radio that I normally turned off…but I let them play and accepted them. Then this morning, Arrine and I went to a spray park. She had a wonderful time, but I had to face some history. Isn’t amazing how seemingly unrelated events can be connected so significantly and are etched in your mind? I had a wonderful time too. Running through the water and watching Arrine squeal and be a kid and just have fun.

I am not completely not avoiding…but I am not completely avoiding. Working on it.

And on the way home, a certain song came on the radio…and we listened to it all.