Mother Mother is a band. And they played at Capital Ex this year. And this was an email that my dear friend sent me and two other friends. Her subject title was “Mother Mother”.

Hi Ladies,
I realize the irony of this title but they are an amazing band. They are playing on July 25 at Capital Ex. Cost is admission ($10 before this Thursday at Save On or $14 at the door) Kir and I were thinking a bite to eat before? You ladies in for a fun Wednesday night?

Why was this subject title ironic? The three ladies she emailed inviting us to the show, all lost our mothers in the last few years.

But there we went, the four of us to watch Mother Mother. I decided to document the evening to share with you all here. The email and the band name and the ladies I was with all came together, wanting me to share. These pics defo differ from other pics I post…but this is me. We had a great night walking the midway for a bit, and then we settled down in the beer gardens to enjoy the show. When it was wrapping up, we hit the midway again to ride two rides. The Twister and the Polar Express. Us ladies had such a fabulous night. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such strong, beautiful, empowering women, who have all suffered such significant loss in their lives. Hugs to you all – I am forever grateful for your friendship.