Many friends and family have told me that they see a change in my posts over these past number of months. And I see the change too. But I don’t want this change to be interpreted that I am happy all the time. I still have sadness to my core. I still am working on living with my loss.

But I have learned that I was a bit up in the clouds. And now I am back here on Mother Earth. And it feels good to have her under my feet. Her dirt between my toes.

I still have moments in the car when a song comes on the radio and it brings me to tears. I still cry myself to sleep sometimes. I still question the past. I still have questions unanswered. Up in the clouds it’s easy to coast and float and daydream, but with my reconnection to Mother Earth, I am working on accepting that I will never have the answers. And that allows me to progress with my grieving.