Neil Diamond. One of amm’s favourites. A cd that we listened to over and over while in the hospital. A cd that holds so many memories for me.

Last night I made more memories of Neil. Trisha joined me at the Neil Diamond concert and it was like I was there with Trisha and amm. Trisha and I wore cute sundresses, and of course cute shoes, and headed out for our date with Neil. We were some of the youngest attendees, but we knew the words and when we didn’t know the answer to a question we had about Neil we just Googled it.

I was worried how I was going to react at the concert. Would I be able to keep myself together? Would I just cry the entire time? But it was good. I had a few tears, but nothing that hindered me seeing the concert clear. What I found interesting was the song that made me feel the most – Solitary Man. Maybe because I can be a Solitary Girl. That’s when I shed the most tears. Quiet tears that could only be felt, not heard as the music absorbed them.

The highlight of the evening though, was after Trisha went to the loo and conveniently returned with more beer. As she handed me a beer she said, “I want to go to where your mom’s ashes are.” And I said, “Ok.” And that was it. But inside, I was so grateful for her openness and willingness and wanting to share that with me. And I get teary just writing this.