It’s happened. Arrine wants to be like me. I saw a few things here and there – her always wanting to walk in my shoes, or pretending to paint her nails. But today two things happened that made me really recognize it.

This morning while getting ready to head out the door, Arrine was looking in her little vanity mirror, checking out the two ponytails she finally let me put in her hair. And then I said to her, “Ok, Arrine. We need to go to daycare now.” And she replied, “I have to do my make-up first.” Now, there are lots of times I venture outside the house without make-up on, but I guess I will have to highlight those times for Arrine, so she understands that you don’t always need to have your face on. 🙂

Then tonight once we were home from work and daycare, it was time to get comfy. This heat is tiring and Arrine was hot and sweaty and uncomfortable. So I told her she could take off her clothes and just wear her diaper. And then I did something that isn’t a big deal – we all do it when we are home alone..right? …Right? I just put on a tank top and some undies. C’mon people. It’s blazing hot outside. And when Arrine saw this, she could not wear a diaper. She needed to wear her big girl panties. So we rocked our undies tonight.

And it made me wonder about the things I wanted to do the same as amm.

Like amm, Like KK

Like KK, Like Arrine