I bought two sundresses that required shortening of the spaghetti straps. And it’s hard to size yourself and pin straps that are on your back when you are wearing the dress. So I asked Nick for assistance. With the first dress, he actually showed me where to pin the straps so I knew exactly where to cut and shorten and then sew. It went smoothly…perfect fit.

With the second dress, Nick decided to ‘eyeball’ it and didn’t bother pinning the straps. I questioned his approach and told him, “My mom would not be pleased with this. You always measure and pin properly when making alterations!” But Nick was adamant – he knew what he was doing.

So I cut the strap, sewed the strap to the new shorter length and put the dress on to check my work. And I let out a shriek when my right butt cheek was not covered by the back  of my dress – the strap was MUCH too short. I ran to the bathroom in a panic to check in the mirror, cursing Nick along the way. And the look on Nick’s face was one that you hardly ever see – worry. Worry and doubting something he did.

Once I looked in the mirror at the back of my dress, I let out a sigh and a laugh. My right dress strap was caught up on my bra strap, and once I unhooked the dress strap, the dress fell to the perfect length. By this time, worried Nick had made it to the bathroom and saw my discovery too.

And we laughed. Really hard. And maybe I swore a bit more. And I said, “Mom was totally teaching us a lesson! Don’t ever disregard the lessons she taught me!”

Man, she got us good.