I have memories that I don’t want to think about. Or remember. Or feel that they consume me.

And smarty pants Trisha told me that over time I will create new memories, either to replace the ones I need to replace, or at least push aside the existing ones that need pushing aside. And the pushing happened for me tonight.

Lint rollers always trigger a painful memory for me with amm. And because of the significant hurt it reminds me of, I have decided to keep this one tucked away, always to be kept to myself. I only chose to share this memory once, and I am reminded of that each time I do my laundry or ironing and need to use a lint roller.

So tonight when I was doing laundry and brought out that sticky lint roller, the memories haunted me. But a new memory was created. Dear little Arrine wanted to help so I was showing her how to hold the handle and roll the roller over the clothes to pick up the lint. And she realized it was sticky and if she pressed it against her bare belly, it would stick to her. And I giggled seeing this sweet, almost naked girl, with a lint roller stuck on her front.

The old memories are still there with the lint roller, but now I have a new happy one. The old memories haven’t been replaced, but at least they have something that can push them aside.