Shortly after amm passed away, I found a bag full of old letters that amm had written her girlfriends in high school.

In one letter she complained about having to put her mom’s hair in curlers. And just imagining amm doing Grandma ‘Leen’s hair made me giggle. And how much amm was annoyed with having to do it.

I was reminded of this the other night when Arrine was helping me put curlers in my hair. But at least for this time, Arrine actually wanted to help. 🙂 I would ask for a certain colour of roller and she would pass them to me. Until she learned how to put them in her own hair.

Before I had the chance to take any pictures, she actually had three rollers perfectly placed in her hair. She had taken one out by the time I returned.

I stopped reading those letters… I felt that was I invading amm’s privacy.