Today’s Self is amazed that A Few Months Ago Self considered not doing my planters this year. I actually thought that I just wouldn’t plant any red flowers this summer. But yesterday we went to the greenhouse and I am so glad that we did.

Saturday was a great day for a number of reasons – posts will follow with details – but it started off with the greenhouse. The one good thing about doing your planters about a month behind, is that the greenhouse has good sales. So we bought red petunias, a few dracaenas, lilies and one container of chives.

My planters are simple this year and I haven’t planted a full herb garden. But what I am pleased with, is that I did it. I did it.

Although I did make a gardening mistake that amm taught me about – check your annual 4 pack container to ensure all 4 flowers are healthy. Once I got home I found that two containers had a fourth flower that was puny. I tried to check them all at the greenhouse, but a two year old can easily distract you.

Now I just need to remember to water them…