I can’t decide what to say today.

So instead I will say that I love Arrine’s hugs and hair. Today she was very cuddly, which is not normal for her. She kept wanting me to pick her up so she could hug me tight. She would wrap her pudgy, little arms around my neck and not let go. My feet were so sore and I really wanted to sit down, but she wanted me to stand. So I did. And at one point she was completely naked, but still wanted hugs. So I stood there, hugging this perfect, naked little girl.

Then later while I was on the couch, she stood in front of me and let me play with her hair for a long time. Every now and then she would take a few steps away, and then quickly return. I think today was when she realized how wonderful hair rubs are.

She knew I needed her today and I knew she needed me. It was a perfect union. And I wished I could have asked amm about her perfect union moments with me.