Do do da do…what shall I do today? Well, first of all, I am not going to work. And I slept in. Not necessarily something amm would have chosen to do, but I ALWAYS want to sleep in, and amm would have supported me in that decision. 🙂

Then I ate a baked potato for brunch. amm loved her potatoes. And it wasn’t until I was eating it when I recognized the connection.

And now I will go shopping. My first plan was to go to the greenhouse and get flowers for my planters. But once I was up today, I decided that I would rather do that with Arrine. So instead I will shop.

And my sis-in-law reminded me that I need to have a glass of white wine sometime today too.

Thank-you to everyone who have sent their emails and messages of remembrance today.

It’s defo an amm kinda day.