I’ve become my mother in the worst possible way – I washed Arrine’s bunny.

When I was young, my most important side-kick and confidant was Yeow. Yeow was my stuffed kitty cat that I loved so much she ended up being just a scrap of material and two glass eyes when I tucked her away in a special box for her final resting spot. Her name was Yeow because I couldn’t pronounce meow.

And the day that amm washed my filthy Yeow I was FURIOUS!! Yeow no longer smelled the same. I was horrified that amm would have washed her without consulting me first!! Decades later we still talked about that day…

But last night I couldn’t resist. Arrine’s bunny that she keeps at daycare was dirty and had a piece of yellow paper glued to her ear. So I washed her. And I hope that Arrine doesn’t notice.

“Bunny, are you ok?”