It was beautiful and sunny and grassy and we came upon these 2 great stones. They were smooth and a grayish white with a soft yellow (you know, like nice soft white rocks..not concrete gray). When we read the first one (on top) “Love will not make the pain go away”, we had the sense that the love it was referring to was the romantic kind. And it was sad. And the second (beneath it) said “The pain will cease when the butterflies uprise” (I couldn’t remember the exact term when I told you. I know it started with a “u”. I think it was either uplift or uprise, but eitherway you get the point.) Because when I read the phrase, I imagined a million butterflies uprising from the stone and fluttering away. And the term BUTTERFLIES was in capital letters and it overtook the entire message. We felt like it was for you (for obvious reason) and you asked me, “what do you think butterflies mean” and I said, “miracles, of course” and we both said “of course” and were really excited about this ‘revelation’. I woke up and I was like, “I HAVE TO REMEMBER THIS”.