On the morning of amm’s birthday, Trisha shared with me a dream she had that night. She dreamt that we were driving in London with her sister, then she looked over and it was me driving the car. I said to her, “I had to do something that scares me.” The next thing she knew her sister was driving the car again and we flipped the car, only to have Julie, her sis, reply, “This happens all the time in London.”

When she told me her dream, right away I knew I needed to do something that scared me on amm’s birthday. But what?

Trisha has been slowly encouraging me to wear more eye make-up, specifically eye liner. It’s just something I have never done in adulthood. I don’t know the reason though. I know I could deeply analyze it if I wanted to – the assumption of how ladies are interpreted with dark eye make-up, not wanting to bring more attention to myself, trying to be less feminine in a male dominated career…there are so many possibilities and I don’t know why. Maybe Trisha might…

So yesterday morning I made up my eyes and right away Trisha complimented me on it. And I like it…although it scares me.