I am blessed to have a wonderful friend and her sister in my life, to celebrate amm’s birthday today.

We started our day by sleeping in (one of my most fav things to do), then we lazily got ready and headed to Windsor Castle. After touring and sharing some amm stories they took it upon themselves to be proactive and find a pub that served Sticky Toffee Pudding. How lovely.

We settled at The Carpenter’s Arms (Trisha had a good giggle) and when we saw deep-fried Brie on the menu, it was meant to be. amm loved her Brie.

Julie had tea and Trisha and I a beer. We shared nachos, deep-fried Brie and Sticky Toffee Pudding. But before the eats Trisha got up from the table and returned with a red gerbera daisy which instantly made me weepy as we had those flowers at amm’s Wear Your Red Celebration – although Trisha didn’t even know that. And then she started singing Happy Birthday while I sat and cried.

Thank-you Ladies for making today so special and making me feel a teeny bit less alone.

Love Kir

PS Happy Birthday Mommy.