I have amm’s Virgin Mary beside my bed. A number of months ago she fell off the table and her arm was broken. I was so distraught but I was comforted by a friend who calmed me with words.

Then recently amm’s cousin sent me an email… “Your Mom and I often talked about the power of “Virgin Mary”, being a woman, mother and likely had more time on her hands to listen as opposed to Jesus and God… ”

And then the Virgin Mary lost her head the day after I read that email. Sweet, innocent, chubby Arrine thought she should help me pack and tossed the Virgin Mary into my suitcase. Where she hit the inner casing and was decapitated.

I saw it and dropped to my knees. The tears came and the quick, deep breaths in and out followed. And I cried. And I was reminded of how I fell to the ground in the exact same manner when I learned of amm’s diagnosis. And how I needed to get through this Virgin Mary loss on my own.

The Virgin Mary is scheduled for surgery later this week.