Last night I had some ladies over for a little get together. The premise for the evening was to learn a few dance moves, have a few drinks and most definitely have more than a few laughs. Well, a friend brought a friend who brought a friend. And this extended friend had an inner and outer beauty to her. She spoke calmly and with purpose. And the words she said had weight to them. And she could know you. Does that make sense? She had the ability to look into your soul and read it.

This extended friend made a comment about how she would like to take my classes, so I explained to her that I normally don’t teach dance classes. I am currently just a student at a studio. So her next question was, “Why are you not teaching?” She praised me for my teaching ability and seeing the passion I have for it and how I have a natural ability to teach and how well my students (aka tipsy girlfriends) improve with my guidance. And how I can see how different ladies need different ways to learn and I pick up on it and adapt my teaching style. She got all this from an hour with me in my living room.

We would have chats like this throughout the night. And she kept saying that there was more for me in life. She could see it coming. And we talked about women empowerment and taking ownership of ourselves and doing things for ourselves, instead of the idea of doing things for men. Well, I would make comments and she would agree. And I thought of amm and how much she would have enjoyed being a part of our conversations.

She would just look at me from across the room, and I could feel her trying to decipher what she was reading – like something was a bit ‘off’ with me. I think she could see something that I do know about myself, but just haven’t done anything about. Only one other person in my life recently has made me consider this path. I think what made last night have such an impact on me, is that a complete stranger saw this in me. Is it that obvious?