I would like to have had the opportunity to overhear a conversation between amm and my dear friend Trisha. I can picture the two of them sitting together – really anywhere – and enjoying a nice glass of wine. And talking. Really talking.

Trisha has the gift to ask the questions that need asking. She knows exactly how to word them and how to make you think about what she’s asked. Really think. I am amazed after every conversation I have with her, for her wisdom you would expect from someone who lived a hundred lives, and how she softly replies to your responses with no judgement.

She asks the tough questions. And the questions that you never thought about yourself, but when she asks them, they seem so obvious.

Although we do need to work on the timing of these conversations. We can never stop talking and before you know it, it’s 2am and Arrine will be waking up in 5 hours.

Trisha definitely came into my life for/with a purpose. And I will be forever grateful to her and for our friendship. Plus she likes to drink and stay out late with me.