In the September CJD Foundation newsletter there was an article about a study being conducted by Dr. David Wishart and Dr. Heather Graves of the University of Alberta. “The aim of this “Knowledge Mobilization” study is to examine how the knowledge developed in scientific research projects can be shared with and used by others. There are many people who may be interested in this research, including policy makers, doctors, academic researchers, but of course, those most directly affected are patients and their families.” Well, that sounds like something amm would support now, wouldn’t it? 🙂

The article was written by a member of the research team, Connie Sobsey, and I contacted her and Dr. Graves indicating my interest in participating. Dr. Graves and I met yesterday morning and she asked me questions related to their study. Dr. Graves also tape recorded our conversation – just as I know amm would have done. amm loved her tape recorder for capturing important conversations. I had a few tears as I was brought back to hurtful times, but it was in the name of research!! 🙂

This was just another little way I could share amm’s story as she asked us to, and in return, helping someone else with their higher learning, as amm liked to say.