I had my priorities straight when I arrived at Batoche. I needed to eat bannock before I did anything else. 🙂 So I sat in the little cafeteria and ate my warm bannock, smothered with butter. It was just what I needed. I also bought a pad of paper showing the church at Batoche so I could write my thoughts down while I was there.

I had packed amm’s Nine West pink handbag for the day and I took the quilt that Vera made for me out of amm’s pyjamas. As I walked along the gravel path from the interpretive centre towards the church and cemetery, I had a strong feeling as I rounded the curve of the path and saw the church steeple rise from the prairie.

There was a soft breeze that made the leaves speak every few minutes. When the leaves were quiet, the grasshopers squealed. A bird sang in the distance. Dragonflies led me along the path towards the cemetery.

I walked directly to the gravestone of Rosalie Letendre. I lay down the quilt and sat in front of the gravestone. And just sat.