Wow. It’s been a while since my last update. It’s not that I haven’t been thinking about the website or don’t have things to write, it’s just finding the time.

I like to use Lubriderm lotion with SPF. For my face and for sunscreen. Last time Nick went grocery shopping, Lubriderm lotion was on the list. He reported back that he couldn’t find it at Save-On Foods, Shoppers Drug Mart or Superstore. He was finally successful at Walmart.

Anth, Julie and their girls visited us a couple of weekends ago. We had nice weather and as we all lathered up and were reapplying at the park, I made a comment to Julie about loving Lubriderm lotion for sunscreen. Julie made a gasp and said, “Anthony refuses to use anything besides Lubriderm lotion! He says anything else gives him a rash.” And we giggled.

Then I had a realization and explained to her, “It must be because mom always used Lubriderm lotion.” I guess Anth and I picked up her lotion habits. And so did Charlie. When I was at his place a few days ago there was a bottle of Lubriderm lotion in his bathroom. I turned it over and read that it had expired in 2008, so I suggested he should probably get a new bottle. His reply was that it was mom’s bottle of lotion and he still likes to use it. “It’s ok that it has expired. I don’t mind,” he said softly.