There is a program through the University of Alberta that I volunteer with. WISEST – Women in Scholarship Engineering Science and Technology. WISEST organizes various events throughout the year promoting young ladies to pursue an education and career in the sciences. And one summer during my undergrad degree I worked for WISEST as a Coordinator for their Summer Research Program. The Summer Research Program brings grade 11 students to campus to work in a research lab for the summer. Part of their experience is an afternoon dedicated to meeting and asking questions of women in the science and engineering fields, including academia and industry. Which is how I now volunteer, as a Role Model for the afternoon.

On Monday I had the honour to be in the same group as Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour. Long story short, Dr. Armour has paved the way for women in the sciences.

When asked for a piece of advice we could leave with the grade 11 students, Dr. Armour urged the students to ask lots of questions. And how important it was to keep asking questions. Right away I thought of amm. Great minds think alike.