I feel blessed to have found a new friend in these last few years whom I really feel connected with. Her name is Trisha and I met her through mutual friends as she went to high school with Nick. She is a mother to two beautiful girls and a handsome boy, and still finds the time/strength/patience? to work and give time to her church, family, husband and friends. I emailed her so many times in the first few months with Arrine, asking for expert parent advice and I always got thorough, great advice.

The other night we shared some wine, as we like to do, and had a wonderful evening of chatting. Trisha asked many questions about amm and I loved every one. She was asking how quickly the disease progressed and how things were in the hospital. They were hard questions, but I do love to talk about amm!

And then she asked a question that brought me to tears. Good tears. She asked what was my best memory of amm while in the hospital. I answered that growing up, amm would always call Anth and I her “precious children”. And when amm was close to being unable to speak anymore, she pushed herself to struggle out the words, “My precious…my precious…” and I know that was her way of telling me how much Anth and I meant to her.

I now call Arrine “my precious girl”.