When I updated everyone on the donations that have been made in amm’s honour a couple of months ago, over $700 had been donated to the Battleford’s Union Hospital Foundation. At the time we found out that if $1000 was donated then a plaque with amm’s name would be included on their In Memory wall. So Charles finished off the donation and there is now a plaque! 🙂

Charles asked that the words “From her family and friends” be included with amm’s name as it was friends and other family members who made the first huge portion of the donation and he wanted them to be recognized.

Here is the thank-you card and pictures of the plaque. Thank-you to Ashleigh at the BUH Foundation for her help with this.

You may recognize some of the names that are surrounding amm’s name. Right away I noticed Carol White, my friend Ashley’s mother, and Ashley helped our family more than we can ever express with amm’s teeth while she was in the hospital. And Mary Gustafson, a Beta sister of amm, who was an extremely talented artist and Charles bought a painting of Mary’s for amm one Christmas. And Alice Holliday, the wife of Charlie’s friend Ken, who came to stop in to see Charlie a number of times while he was with amm in the hospital.

Perhaps there are names that you recognize too…