It has been years since I bought myself socks. amm ALWAYS sent me socks or put socks in my Christmas stocking, or gave me Easter socks. The only time I can remember buying myself socks is when we were in Ireland and Scotland in the fall of 2008 because I never packed enough socks to get me through to wash day. The last time I bought socks was right after amm was diagnosed and we were on our way to Saskatoon. We stopped to buy her socks because with everything happening so fast, she didn’t even have her own socks with her. As it turns out, she hardly used the socks I bought so I inherited them.

Well, my sock supply is quickly dwindling. I have been ruthless and throwing out pairs of socks that have the beginning of holes and without amm to replenish my sock drawer, I am going to have to actually buy myself some socks.