When I re-applied for my Metis status I was told that it would be a good idea to get copies of my mom’s and grandmother’s birth certificates and submit them as well. This isn’t information that is initially requested for the application, but it was explained that during the application process they most likely ask for additional information.

So I was proactive and called Grandma ‘Leen for a copy of her birth certificate. I then had to apply for amm’s birth certificate as I needed a long version of it showing parentage. It arrived in the mail yesterday and when I opened the envelope I was shocked/surprised/taken back at the big word ‘DECEASED’ stamped across the certificate. Seeing other certificates of people still living without this wording, I just wasn’t expecting this. It actually stopped my heart for a moment. It was like amm’s death was right up in my face, no hiding from it. DECEASED. Sometimes I like to hide from it, and it’s easy to do. There is no hiding from DECEASED though.