Cousin Lise wrote this as a comment for one of the Arrine and Grandma Anne-Marie pictures.

“This is honestly one of my most favorite stories ever.

Once upon a time, there was a soul Old and Wise.  Old and Wise lived her life so richly, and with such meaning, that her actual life in her body was shorter than most, because she lived with genuine purpose and got all of her living done fast.

Her body got tired one day, but her soul, as souls do, shone as brightly as ever, allowing her to live with dignity as her soul was pulling her away…

As Old and Wise receded back down the mysterious place souls go, there appeared Two Little Sparkles, together, on the horizon…as Old and Wise’s light faded dimmer and dimmer, the Two Little Sparkles grew brighter and brighter…

Old and Wise met the Two Little Sparkles in the middle, where she folded the Two Little Sparkles into her arms, welcomed them into the world, and bestowed on them her knowledge, wisdom and grace.

And that’s how we now have a new Elizabeth, and a new Arrine.”