amm wrote out the recipe for her Chocolate Chip Cheeseball for me a few years back. It came from the Breast of Friends cookbook which I now do have a copy of. The recipe’s name may throw you off at first, but once you learn that the ball contains chocolate chips, cream cheese, icing sugar, brown sugar and vanilla, and get a scoop of it on your Nilla wafer, you are hooked!

I made one to take with us to Anth & Julie’s over the holidays. Julie set it out on Boxing Day when other friends and family came over. It was so nice when amm’s cousin Roxanne and our family friend Doreen, both mentioned having the dessert at amm’s at one time or another. It’s quite memorable!

Then yesterday I served the Chocolate Chip Cheeseball when ladies from my New Moms Group came over with their babes and it went over really well. Many of them commented on how much they loved it! Luckily there was some left over, so I can enjoy some heaping scoops of this sweet treat while I write this post!

I didn’t realize that this recipe wasn’t already on the website. Next chance I get I will scan in amm’s written out copy and post it…