I am pretty sure I have written about the greek restaurant that we love, Koutouki. With Grandpa Charlie babysitting, last night Nick and I went on our first evening date since Arrine arrived. Yes – it’s been almost 10 months since just the two of us have gone out together after Arrine is in bed. It felt different not having her with us, but liberating in way.

We chose to go to Koutouki and enjoy their meze which is a set menu where they just bring you appetizers and salad and pita with four dips and then chicken and rice pilaf and finally roasted lamb and potatoes. It was a favourite spot for us to take amm when she was in town. And we were seated next to the table that amm and I sat at the last time we ate there together.

While eating the rice pilaf, even though I was already full, I asked Nick if I had ever told him about the rice pilaf that amm would make. He said he remembered me mentioning it, but I have never made it because I never did get the recipe from her. I would just enjoy it each time she made it…