Here is the holiday dress for Arrine that amm would have made for her if she was still here, or at least helped me sew. I think it turned out pretty good since I deviated from the pattern on step 11 of 13. I just didn’t agree with that they were asking of me! And I just did the zipper on my own too, because again, the pattern did not suggest what I thought was a better way of getting that darn zipper in this teeny dress. Nick was a huge help along the way too, so I would say it was a joint effort. And I only ripped out a seam once during the entire process, which I think is pretty fantastic! I have memories of amm coming upstairs from sewing in the basement, to get comfy on the couch and rip a seam.

The dress is a bit big on Arrine, but I didn’t want to fiddle with custom fitting the pattern to her. So she just got the medium/12 month size. I also shortened the skirt 3″, because the poor shorty would have been tripping over her dress!!

I also made this fabulous huge silver ribbon bow hair clip, but I think it’s too heavy and pulls on her hair, so instead we opted for the plain flat ribbon hair clip.