I can’t remember when it actually happened, but I remember having the realization that when we all opened our stockings on Christmas morning, amm knew exactly everything that was going to be inside hers. Because she had bought everything for her own stocking! But she always ‘oohed and ahhed’, pretending that they were surprises. Maybe it was junior high or early high school? But from then on I always tried to buy a couple holiday Harlequin romance novels for her stocking, so she at least got something that she didn’t buy herself.

Well, I have become amm. Between Julie and myself we decided that we would be responsible for our own family’s stockings. Which means that I have already started a little loot pile for myself. (It wasn’t until I mentioned this to Nick on a tangent somewhere when he felt appalled that I didn’t trust him with my stocking. Huh! I had just assumed I was in charge of it.) So I have compiled a book and some needed makeup…nothing else yet. But Nick did say he plans to add to it too.

I am becoming more and more like amm as each day passes…and hopefully in areas deeper than having to buy my own stocking goodies.