Julie and I agreed to make Elizabeth and Arrine’s stockings. amm made our entire family’s stockings, and we knew if amm was here, she would be making her newest grand-daughters their own special stockings.

I remember when Julie joined our family, amm made her a stocking. And I remember saying to amm, “Well, it better not be bigger than mine.” And I wasn’t joking! When Madeleine was born, amm made her a stocking too. So I used my green velvet stocking that amm made and Julie used Madeleine’s stocking as templates (because they were the same size) for Elizabeth and Arrine’s stocking.

I can’t remember not having my green velvet stocking with white lace trim. But I was surprised when I just realized this year, that my green velvet stocking is the same material that amm used for the dress of a dark-haired doll she made me, probably when I was about 5, I am guessing.

I loved being in front of the sewing machine again. It had been years since I have actually sewed something besides mending. I had happy thoughts of amm the entire time. Thinking of how she had taught be every skill that I was using. How to wash and iron the material first, tracing a pattern, winding a bobbin, untangling your thread as you hand sew. I can’t describe the feeling. It was a calmness. Just good thoughts of amm. Very therapeutic. Yes, a calmness related to amm is the best way to describe it. And I was thinking of how I need to sew more so I can continue to feel this way.

I have created my little sewing space in the basement, with a witch that amm bought in Scotland watching over me. I thought of how amm spent so many late hours sewing for her kids in the basement, and how I was starting to do the same.

I have another sewing project I need to complete soon too. A holiday dress for Arrine. Last weekend Nick stayed at home with Arrine one afternoon so I could spend some leisurely time in Fabricland. I was proud of myself finding a pattern and using it to determine what fabrics would work best and finding all of the notions that I needed too. The fabric is a red and silver pattern. It’s washed and ironed…just waiting for me to find another late night to start the work.