For those of you who had amm as a teacher or worked along side her, you would know about and appreciate her love of webs! I remember while in school approaching her with whatever project or essay or story I was working on because I was stuck, or out of ideas, or couldn’t put my thoughts together as I wanted them on paper. amm would always ask, “Well, have you made your web yet?” I don’t know why I didn’t just make my web on my own, as I always knew that is what amm would say to me. Maybe I just wanted her help?

So the other day when Nick and I were putting together our grocery list for this week and checking recipes,  I came across this squash web that amm made for me. Like who makes a squash web? But when you see it down on paper, it makes total sense as to why one would make a squash web.

Maybe this web will help you in prepping some holiday meals this year! I will add it under amm & Recipes too.