Yesterday Grandpa Charlie came with Arrine and I to the mall to do some holiday shopping. Grandpa Charlie loves to push the buggy, as he calls it. I asked him, “Do you think Arrine has been a good distraction for missing mom?” Sometimes I find myself so busy with Arrine that I don’t have time to miss amm, as I have mentioned before. I still think of amm throughout the day, but the overwhelming feeling of sadness and missing her can’t weasel its way into my thoughts as I am so focused on Arrine.

His reply was that he doesn’t think Arrine is a distraction, because he often thinks of how much amm would love to see Arrine, and her other grand-daughters, spending time with them and watching them grow. Grandpa Charlie said that he feels that he needs to enjoy Arrine for both himself and for Grandma Anne-Marie.