I think that’s the right term amm used, ‘mindless read’. When describing a novel that is easy to read and  doesn’t have too much depth to it. Like a good paperback to read in the summer. After reading Still Alice I decided to reward myself with a mindless read. I needed a break from amm novels.

I just finished reading Hot Six by Janet Evanovich and started Seven Up last night. The series follows a young bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum, who isn’t the best at what she does which creates some hilarious situations. I have really enjoyed reading them and have thought that amm would have enjoyed these light reads too. And even though I wanted to get away from amm novels for a while, I realized that these two books were given to me by my dear friend NJ after amm passed away. NJ lost her mom much too early a couple of years ago so I now see that NJ knew just the kind of book I would need at some point.

Silly of me to think that I could ‘get away’ from amm by reading books!