Arrine received a pink bug, Doodlebug as I like to call it, as a gift from my friend/co-worker’s daughter. It’s a toy that has a ring to attach to her stroller or car seat and when it’s pulled, plays a lovely tune. Well, dear Arrine had a big spit up on Doodlebug today so I washed it off and left it on the counter to dry.

Just now as Nick and I were getting ready for bed, I was in the bedroom when I heard Doodlebug’s song. And I knew Nick was in the basement. I came into the kitchen just as Nick was approaching Doodlebug from coming upstairs. We both looked at each other. Nick, with the rational explanation said, “It must be making a connection because the toy is wet somehow.” And he proceeded to put Doodlebug in the pantry so if it started the tune again we wouldn’t be bothered during the night. I responded, “But what if it’s my mom saying ‘hi’?” Nick paused and answered, “Well, is your mom in the toy?” My response, “I don’t know how these things work!” And then I just giggled, imagining poor amm in that pink Doodlebug, being pulled and tugged and spit up on, now in the pantry.

I am confident that amm is not actually inside Doodlebug. But she may be close…