Nick’s parents were in town this weekend. Today we all went to lunch at The Dish, a tiny restaurant with wonderful local food, and a place we took amm many times. We sat down and I realized that Neil Diamond was playing. Then I realized that we were going to be lucky enough to hear an entire album of Neil, as song after song played through the speakers, the same album that amm and I listened to over and over in the hospital.

It had been a few months since we ate at The Dish and when I scanned the dessert menu what did I find they now offer? Sticky Toffee Pudding. I pointed this out to Nick, so between the STP and Neil Diamond, we knew amm was urging to order dessert too!

So maybe I can slowly accept that amm will not “show herself” to me by turning my lights on and off in our little house, but instead make me eat scrumptious desserts and listen to some great music while doing so. I can live with that.