Back in the summer of 2005, Nick and I bought our first house. We decided that this was something we needed to do on our own, without the support/help from our parents. One weekend both sets of parents were coming to the city. We arranged that each set would meet us at our work and then we would “go for supper to this new restaurant that we found and loved”. Of course, we just each drove home and said, “We live here now!”

I remember amm telling me afterwards that she knew something was up on our drive from work and had it figured out when we turned onto our street. She then said to me, “Well, you are already engaged and planning your wedding so there aren’t many other life milestones that you can just surprise us with.” Then she paused and finished with, “Don’t you dare show up at my door with a baby!”

This memory just popped into my head the other day while walking in our neighbourhood and seeing For Sale signs up at various houses.